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About Us

Clear messages, clean lines, and good intentions. We aim to fulfill these goals in everything we do. That’s why we focus on serving small business owners who may not have the time and money for a marketing department or services that can break that bank.

Our goals are:

  • To build creative landscapes for our partners and clients.
  • To foster and create a sense of wonder for our clients, their services, and their products.
  • To pursue limitless and infinite beauty through fixed media. Yeah!
  • To create something wonderful every single day, whether it’s a line of copy, an inspiring photograph, or a stellar piece of art.

makemake creative is proud to call Akron home. We serve the Northeast Ohio area–and beyond!

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makemake origins

Our story starts with . . . a dwarf planet, in fact. Planet 2005 FY9 is a tiny world discovered floating in the Kuiper belt. Shortly thereafter, just like the other Kuiper belt objects, 2005 FY9 was given the name of a creator deity – the Rapa Nui Makemake (pronounced “MAH-ke MAH-ke”).

For the Rapa Nui, an indigenous population of Easter Island, Makemake “is the creator of humanity, the god of fertility and the chief god of the bird-man cult,” so says Wikipedia. There are loads of fascinating petroglyphs and monuments carved in the likeness of Makemake all over Easter Island.

Our focus at makemake (pronounced “māk-māk”) is creation and cosmic marketing that inspire our clients and their stakeholders. We felt that the “makemake” name was the perfect name to hoist upon our banners. It wonderfully defines our aesthetic interests and melds crazy and disparate worlds into a unique wholeness.